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Facial Hair Transplant Surgery


With technological advancement in almost every industry of the world, people have managed to accomplish things which they never thought they could almost a decade ago. Doctors and surgeons have worked wonders with these technological advancements and one of them is facial hair transplantation.

There are males who are experiencing a problem of growing facial hair. At times they don’t have any hair on their face at all and for such people there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

These people can now go through a facial hair transplant; a surgical procedure which is not painful, involves a few scars but gives them a permanent solution.

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Surgery Procedure

Before you opt for a surgery regarding this matter, make sure that you consult a trustworthy doctor/surgeon/dermatologist. At times the problem is not so drastic that you opt for a surgical procedure. In fact, few dermatologists can help you get rid of your hair thinning problems through medications. However, these medicines take time to show results while surgical results are far more drastic and long lasting.

The process for facial hair transplant surgery is quite simple and is almost like the one which is performed on the scalp. The doctor simply needs certain hair follicles so he/she can plant them in your face over areas where you do not grow any hair.

At first the doctor is going to use a local anaesthesia in order to get a strip of hair. This strip is mostly taken from your face, if you are already growing hair. However, in case you have no hair on your face at all, there is a possibility that these hair follicles are taken from the scalp.

Once the strip is taken, then the doctor divides it into different follicles. Each follicle has its own hair or at times there are many hairs on a certain follicle.

After dividing these follicles, the doctor uses anaesthesia on the hair in order to numb the area where he/she is going to perform the surgery. Your face is then punctured and thee hair follicles are then planted on your face.

The process takes more than four to eight hours to perform. The area around the transplanted hair needs to be kept dry for a week and during this time it is clear that you have gone through a surgery.

However, after a week your facial hair start to grow and everything goes back to normal. There is absolutely no pain involved but there is swelling during the first two days.

It is advised that you consult a specialist before you go through this process. Dubai Hair Transplant has been carrying out these operations for quite some time now. Fill out our free consultation form to meet up with our experts regarding this matter.

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