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Cutting and Styling Hair after a Hair Transplant

Cutting and Styling Hair

When you decide to get a hair transplant, you actually decide to look better and regain lost confidence in your personality. Once the transplant takes place, there is a time period required for the hair to grow out. It is a time when patience must be exercised as the hair look worse than before, before they look better.

Styling and cutting of hair has to be different during this period for obvious reasons. Here is a deeper look in how to cut and style your hair after having a hair transplant.

Waiting Period
Once the transplant is done, a person has to wait for at least three weeks before getting a haircut. The focus at this point will obviously have to remain on the existing hair since the grafted ones are still several months away from growing.

Hair Dying
It is best not to dye hair for a few weeks after the transplant since there is little predictability of how the new follicles will react. Discussing the matter with your transplant doctor is not a bad idea. If you want to avoid the appearance of gray hair, you may get a hair dye done a couple of weeks prior to the hair transplant.

Use of Mousse/Gel
These are chemical based products and ideally should be used a month or so after the transplant. It is not a bad idea to not apply them to the newly transplanted follicles. 

Use of Hair Dryer
The hair initially should be dried naturally after a hair transplant procedure. The use of hair dryers should be avoided since they can damage the grafts. After a few weeks, the dryer may be used but keeping the heat low.

Ask Your Doctor
It is best to check with your doctor on what timelines he or she recommends. The timetable they give is going to be ideal as it will be keeping all aspects of your hair transplant in view.

The Longer Run
In the longer run, you can have a hairstyle of your choice. The fact that you had a hair transplant may dictate it to some extent especially if you had a strip method transplant. Hair may need to be kept a touch longer in order to ensure that the scars are not visible.

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