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Crash diet and hair loss


If you have been crash dieting lately or have done it a couple of months ago, you might be dropping pounds but you are also making your hair fall out. Do not believe it. Well, crash diet can make you lose hair like no other. Crash diet is putting your body into extremely stress inducing situation. With extreme levels of living, you will promote extreme outcomes and hair loss is one of them. Ultimately you lose all your hair and begin searching for best hair transplant clinic in Dubai which costs a fortune. If you want to look leaner thinner or lose weight for the sake of your health, you need to make major lifestyle changes. It will not only better your health but will keep the pounds off.

Balance diet equals healthy hair

Our hair and skin our mirror to the nutrient deficiency in our body. In order to achieve healthy strong luscious hair, you need to have a balanced diet. Some essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair and avoiding best hair transplant in Dubai at all costs are:


Fish, dairy, chicken, nuts, almonds, and beans are all rich sources of protein. Protein generates collagen necessary for the growth of hair. Instead of going to a hair salon for a protein and collagen hair treatment, incorporate some in your diet.

Fatty acids

Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the health of your hair. Crash diet completely starves you of these nutrients. As a result, your hair suffers. Salmon, flaxseed, sardines, avocado, fish oils and canola are rich sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.


Zinc and healthy hair go hand in hand. Zinc is responsible for the generation of enzymes in our body which accelerate hair follicles. It in turn makes hair stronger ad promotes hair growth. Nuts, oysters and seeds are rich sources of zinc.


Iron is extremely critical when comes to hair loss. Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen in our blood to hair follicle an all parts of our body. Deficiency in iron equals to suffocating your hair. Cacao, see weed, leafy greens, spinach and meat are great sources of iron.

If you are keen on crash dieting, stop. Consider the consequences of your choice. You may lose a few pounds quickly but you will also lose your health and hair that may lead you to the route of best hair transplant in Dubai. The only safe and healthy way to lose extra pounds permanently is my making a lifestyle change.

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