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Hair fall and baldness in men is more common than ever. Men usually begin losing their hair as early as in their early thirties while some experience premature balding in their twenties. Losing up to 100 hair strands a day is perfectly normal, but if you lose more hair than that, it means that you will most likely have to visit best hair clinic Dubai.

Visit a specialist at an early age…

Even if you have just started to notice hair fall, it is better to take help of a hair specialist at an early stage. Treating a hair fall at an early stage is much easier than choosing hair transplant as your last option. If you have already lost hair, then consult with the surgeon regarding which hair transplant technique is best for you or if you are the right candidate for hair transplant in the first place. In the Dubai you will find highly skilled and experienced surgeons from all around the world at reasonable costs.


The extent of research will determine the outcome of your surgery. Make a list of best hair clinic Dubai and surgeons in the area. Short list three clinics and visit them. Have a list of surgeons. Look out for their experience in the relevant area and ask them about before and after photographs of their patients. Ensure that photographs are not tempered in any way. In Dubai, you will find a perfect balance between the money spent and quality of a transplant.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is a relatively new concept in the field of hair transplant industry. It is especially prevalent in Dubai. Many clinics offer medical facilities along with a complete package. The package includes booking of hotels, transport and ensures that patients’ experience is as smooth as possible. A best hair clinic Dubai will ensure that you achieve best possible results, they will ensure to utilize all their resources including, doctors, surgeons, nurses, technology and management to ensure satisfaction of the patients.


There is nothing wrong in getting a hair transplant done locally but you will have limited resources and will be charged a high price most likely. While in Dubai, you will have a bunch of specialists to choose from all around the world and it will most likely cost you less. Most clinics in Dubai will offer medical tourism so you won’t have to worry about managing anything.


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