Hair transplantation has two main methods:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)
  • the Strip surgery (FUT)

Main Difference between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Surgeries:

Both methods involve the extraction of hair follicles from the donor areas and then implantation at the recipient region. However, the main difference between FUE and FUT is the method of hair follicles extraction.

·         Extraction Method:

In the FUE hair transplantation procedure, hair follicles are individually extracted. There aren’t any scars at the donor areas and the healing process is also rapid. So, the results of FUE hair transplantation are realistic too.

Whereas, hair follicles are extracted in a strip form. Patients are left with a permanent linear scar at the back of their head.

Under normal circumstances, your hair must be shaved before the hair transplantation surgery. So that the extraction and implantation process becomes easy. But the issues arise is about scarring. Cutting the hair very short before the hair transplant surgery exposes the scalp and makes the scars more prominent.

·         Scars:

The strip method produces one or larger linear scars at the donor areas like the back or sides of your head.

But the FUE hair transplant surgery only leaves multiple tiny round dot scars at the back or sides of your scalp and several uneven pitting scars at your recipient region.

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100% Financing

Seek a Professional Help:

If you are experiencing hair loss and want to get a hair transplant. Then before opting a suitable hair transplant procedure, it’s better to first seek specialist help.

Consultation with the Hair Transplant Surgeon at the Hair Transplant Clinic:

The hair transplant surgeon will first examine your scalp including your donor and recipient areas. Then he will inform you that which factor has contributed to causing your hair loss. Then he will affirm you that are you eligible to get a hair transplant surgery or not.

If you are a good candidate to get a hair transplant surgery then he may recommend you to get an unshaven hair transplant in Dubai from Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic.

A New “Undetectable” U-FUE Hair Transplant Procedure:

Unshaven FUE hair transplant surgery is also called undetectable U-FUE hair transplant procedure. It’s an advanced and more sophisticated way of hair transplant surgery. If you don’t want to shave your head to get a hair transplant. Because you have a fear of being awkward with a bald head. Then this is the invention, which will help you in getting a hair transplant procedure and immediately after it, resuming your daily activities without being embarrassed due to a shaven head.

You will be able to restore your bald patch or a receding hairline in a minimally invasive and by the more effective way.

Difference between FUE Hair Transplant Procedure (FUE) and an Unshaven FUE Procedure (U-FUE):

·         Your Scalp should be Shaved:

In the FUE hair transplant procedure, your scalp must be shaved before starting a hair transplant surgery.

·         No Need to Shave your Scalp:

Whereas in the U-FUE hair transplant procedure, you don’t have to shave your head before the hair transplant surgery. Because donor hair follicles are extracted at full length and leaving only the root to be implanted. You will be able to return to your work the next day without anyone noticing that you have undergone the treatment.

In the traditional FUE hair transplant surgery, hair follicles are extracted from the donor areas one by one. But in the Unshaven FUE Procedure (U-FUE), many years of experience is required. Because unshaven FUE procedure requires huge skill on the part of your surgeon to post the healthiest hairs and ensure that they are implanted properly at the recipient regions.

After the procedure, your hair will regrow naturally in almost 12 months. And nobody will be able to distinguish between your natural and transplanted hair.

Benefits of Unshaven Hair Transplant:

  1. It will provide you undetectable and realistic results.
  2. Also, provides you the maximum hair density.
  3. It’s a painless and non-invasive technique.
  4. Unshaven hair transplant provides the long-lasting results and the implanted hair will never fall out.
  5. By getting an unshaven hair transplant procedure, you won’t have to be embarrassed due to scars or permanent linear scarring on your scalp.
  6. You will have a possibility to keep your hair short after the undetectable U-FUE hair transplant without any prominent difference to the back of your head.
  7. You will be safe from the shock loss phenomenon too, which occurs after getting a hair transplant.
  8. There aren’t any stitches or scalpels on your scalp.
  9. U-FUE hair transplant has the high-quality extraction process, which is the reason for maximum hair regrowth rate and of natural-looking results.
  10. Undetectable hair transplant uses a specialized implanter tool and a high-powered microscope for the natural denser look.
  11. Only healthy hair follicles will be extracted from your donor areas for the implantation process.
  12. Your hair follicles won’t be damaged during the extraction process because of no loss and no transaction of your hair follicles.
  13. With the one movement implantation method, the time will be saved which mostly consumes in making the tiny incisions in the recipient region.
  14. Unshaven hair transplant provides you a safe hair loss treatment, without having any kind of complications.
  15. Your wounds at the donor and recipient region will be healed and recovered quickly.
  16. If you have lost or have eyebrows then U-FUE hair transplant procedure is ideal for this purpose.
  17. Undetectable hair transplant surgery is also an ideal hair loss treatment option for Afro-Caribbean patients and also for female patients.
100% Financing
100% Financing