Level of Patient Satisfaction

Hair loss often causes a person to lose confidence and think negatively about one’s personality. Usually the focus of such a person is to get this problem solved in order to feel better. Hair transplants nowadays are the go to option for this purpose. There is a greater demand in the Gulf States for the hair transplant now then it was a decade ago.

Such individuals want the absolutely best results. A question about the level of satisfaction of a patient after a hair transplant comes to mind. Although there are no official figures available, people are fairly satisfied with hair transplants in general. Most people seem content with the results though there are some that feel they did not get what they bargained for. To understand why this happens, we should look at the reasons behind satisfaction of a patient or lack of it.


Communication from the Surgeon

The surgeon must ensure that he or she clearly communicates all matters of importance with the patient. Nothing should be hid in any way. Everything from the precautions required to what kind of results the given person can expect should be made crystal clear from the very start. Many people feel that they have been kept in the dark as they never have received proper communication. In such cases, a person even with a great transplant may not be satisfied.


Patient’s Expectations

If a patient expects to have hair he had in teens with a couple thousand grafts, it is most likely not going to happen. Natural hair are hard to replicate and the main purpose of the transplant is to get a reasonable number of hair on the scalp and uplift a person’s appearance. Most people understand that it will greatly improve their looks and are quite satisfied with the results.

Hand drawing a process diagram

Type of Procedure

The type of procedure is likely going to have an impact how the patient sees the results. For example, in case of a strip method, the patient will undergo a strip being removed from the back of the head with the number of grafts available lower than more modern methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). With a fair amount of time needed to recover from the surgery, the strip method patients are less likely to feel as good as those that underwent FUE. Consult your doctor before finalizing any treatment suitable for you.

RestorationComplete Restoration

The new hair take about a years’ time to fully grow which means that the patient has to remain calm while the hair grow. There may also be need for future surgeries which some do not appreciate. However, those who understand the process well and are committed to their complete hair restoration, they are more often than not happy as long as they get their hair back.

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