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If you are currently going through hair loss problems, it is advised that rather than opting for prescription treatments, you utilize vitamins. It’s true that dermatologists have studied about hair loss problems, but all top dermatologists around the world suggest that you opt for an all-natural treatment if that is possible.

Why Opt for Vitamins and not Prescription Treatments?


People who are looking for getting rid of their hair loss problems will always be stranded between two options: an all-natural way to get rid of the problem or chemicals. It is always advised that unless the situation is at its worst, you should always opt for the former.

This is because there are certain chemicals which might have an adverse affect on your hair and even scalp. Vitamins are something that you are simply adding to your body and they are never going to affect your body negatively.

Vitamins and Minerals Healthy for Hair Growth

Healthy for hair growth

Once you have decided that you will opt for an absolute Vitamin-oriented hair growth remedy, you should know about the important minerals and vitamins that your body needs. All of them are extremely essential not only for your hair growth, but also for your body health in general. You can in-take these vitamins through certain foods and even through supplements which are commonly available in drug stores.

Let’s take a look at the minerals and vitamins which are integral for your hair growth.


Magnesium is advised by several dermatologists and even beauticians. This mineral works to block all existing markers that are directly linked to hair loss.


Our scalp has a natural moisturizer known as sebum. At times we start losing hair because they are not receiving the right amount of moisturizer. Zinc encourages adequate production of this natural moisturizer known as sebum.


Biotin is commonly known as Vitamin B7. This vitamin helps you generate new cells. Moreover, it also aids in maintaining the health of your hair follicles.

Vitamin B6

Over abundance of testosterone in your body leads to thin or overly fragile hair. Vitamin B6 simply binds itself to testosterone receptors. This way it binds the receptors to over-generate testosterone.



It is essential for you to understand that an all-natural treatment for hair loss is better as compared to opting for chemicals. It’s because those chemicals can always leave behind an opposite reaction which may cause itching and other problems in your scalp.

Therefore, start consuming a healthy diet and consult a dietitian. They help you by letting you know what your body lacks and what you should be eating in your daily routine. Always maintain a balanced diet and exercise to remain healthy.

If you want to know more about all-natural best hair growth treatments which involve vitamins and minerals, you can consult our expert who are willing to provide you with free consultation for the first time.

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