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Bald is not Beautiful

The physical appearance is an important aspect in each and every individual’s life. Some may be more conscious about it than others but no one ever ...

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Treatment for Hormonal Hair Loss in Dubai

Identify the Hair Loss Problem Are you worried about a receding hairline? Are you losing a thick scalp? Do you feel that thin hair will or is havin...

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How to Stop Teenage Baldness

Hair loss at any age can have a visible impact on one’s appearance. Often it is an unpleasant and unwelcome change to the personality and can affect...

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Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant

Yes, it’s true – the American comedian, Daniel Tosh, has gone through a hair transplant. The fans who think that it is not true should watch his s...

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Chris Martin Hair Transplant

Superstars, artists and people who have to show their faces to the world almost on a daily basis are the ones who have to take care of how they look. ...

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John Travolta Hair Transplant

John Travolta is a star who has managed to surprise so many with the hair change that they claim that he has started wearing a wig. The truth is, he h...

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