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Will One Hair Transplant Surgery Be Enough?

Will One Hair Transplant Surgery Be Enough

Hair transplant surgeries are the best solution to counter hair loss problem. They utilize existing hair in order to cover the bald patches on the head. The best part of these procedures is that the results are permanent in nature and no further hair loss takes place in transplanted hair. The latest hair transplant techniques in practice are available in the Gulf States. The hair transplant surgeries can take a while. A single session can at times be as long as eight hours. There is a considerable recovery time as well as need to exercise precautions after the surgery. Many people need more than a single session to get desired results. Some people are skeptical about hair transplants due to this very reason.

Most patients need just a single session to get the job done. However, in some cases, more than one sessions may be needed. There are a number of reasons that determine whether or not a single surgery is enough.

Amount of Hair Loss
The first factor to consider is the amount of hair loss. In case of a person having some bald areas in the head, a single surgery would be enough. However, if the hair loss is extensive and a large part of the head is bald, it may take two or even more surgeries.

Desired Coverage
Some people want their new hair to give a thinned look which appears quite natural. Other prefer fuller hair while some want them very thick. The more the fullness is desired, the greater the number of grafts will be required and the longer the time the procedure will take. If the patient has extensive loss and wants a full look, it is quite likely that more than a single session will be needed.

The Procedure Used
There are a number of transplant procedures in practice. The two most commonly used are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT which is also known as the strip method allows fewer follicles to be extracted in single session when compared with FUE. Stem Cell FUE offers a higher number of grafts per session than FUE. This process plays a crucial part in the number of sessions needed.

The Surgeon
The way a surgeon goes about work has the ultimate say. Some are willing to have longer transplant sessions while others prefer shorter ones. Some prefer to do larger number of grafts at once while other feel that lesser grafts cause lesser shock loss and stick to it. How the surgeon plans the transplant is the final and most important determining factor in the number of sessions required.

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