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Reconstructive Hair Transplant Surgery for Hair Restoration

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Burn patients and accident victims usually undergo a number of reconstructive surgeries to look at their best once again. One restorative surgery that most patients, especially the burn victims, are forced to undergo after traumatic incidents is reconstructive hair transplant surgery for hair restoration. Living with a bald head places already traumatized patients under immense physical and emotional stress. If you are also struggling with a hairless head after going through a terrible accident, just stop worrying. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic vows to help you restore a natural looking, fuller head of hair, and that too at highly competitive rates.

What is hair transplant surgery?

A hair transplant surgery is the most effective treatment for growing hair in the areas that have permanently lost ability to grow hair. The procedure extracts healthy hair from the scalp or other parts of the body (if donor supply from scalp is not sufficient to cover the bald patches) and transplants them in the affected areas to create a natural looking hairline and add desired density to the rest of the scalp. Both Strip Removal Method and Follicular Unit Extraction Technique are used for reconstructive hair transplant surgery, but the latter is a preferred choice of patients as well as surgeons as it allows harvesting donor grafts from other parts of the body as well, such as the chest, back and thighs etc.

Reconstructive Hair Transplant Surgery for Scars:

Reconstructive hair transplant surgery is also used for hair restoration in surgical scars. Sometimes major scalp surgeries or a previous strip transplant surgery cause permanent visible scar in the scalp. Hair growth on scar tissues is nearly impossible not only because the hair follicles there have been permanently damaged but also due to poor blood circulation. If this is the case, reconstructive hair transplant surgery may be worth considering. FUE method is used for growing hair in scars through reconstructive hair transplant surgery. Since the harvested follicles are stored in a specially prepared medium to keep them alive and in their best condition, this enhances their growing abilities and therefore excellent results are achieved, even on skin of lesser quality.


If you are interested in getting Reconstructive hair transplant surgery for hair restoration in Dubai, contact Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic and get the surgery done by highly skilled hands at competitive rates. We also offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for our esteemed patients from not only UAE but from all over the world. To book an appointment now, fill the form below.

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