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Price of a Hair Transplant in Dubai – An Overview

Hair Transplant in Dubai

Certain gains in life can be so enriching and fulfilling to a person that you can easily deem them priceless. However, to gain something great one has to invest in time, money and effort.

A hair transplant is one such miraculous treatment that can help those with a balding condition regain hair. And what can be more satisfying for a person who is losing hair? After all, your hair is a vital part of your appearance that signifies your attraction and beauty, youth, vitality, health and even social status.

Since a hair transplant is a highly skilled procedure performed by certified and qualified hair cosmetic surgeons using state of the art medical equipment, and is highly in demand, naturally it has a price.

Many wonder what the cost of a hair transplant is made up of. The price of a hair transplant varies from region to region; it may be a lot more expensive in urban metropolitans with a high currency rate like London or New York than it is in Dubai.

Hence, many foreigners fly to Dubai for a hair transplant so that they have to pay a reasonable amount whilst not at all compromising on the quality of results.

Let us have a look at the components that make up hair transplant price in Dubai:

1)   Surgeon’s Fee

Since a hair transplant requires the skill and long work hours from the surgeon, a large part of the cost is made up of the surgeon’s fees. A highly skilled, certified and experienced surgeon is likely to charge more for his expertise.

 2)   Price per graft 

For each hair follicle, the surgeon would charge a fee as he is providing you the service of extracting thousands of hair follicles from the back of your scalp- with exact precision, and implanting these into your balding regions using a punch instrument. This lengthy process must be performed with exact precision so that there is no follicle rupturing, hence cosmetic surgeons charge a price per graft. For the FUE method, the price per graft is between the ranges of $2.25 to $4.

 3)   Your hair loss level

Generally, the more hair loss you have the more coverage you would need. You can find out your level of hair loss by looking at the Norwood diagram- if you are a man and the Ludwig diagram-if you are a woman. Supposedly, if you are facing level 2 baldness, multiplying this number with 1000 will give you a rough estimate of the number of hair grafts you will need. Therefore, in this case you will need 2000 hair grafts. However, if your baldness level is very high such as 4 or 5 you will require many more hair grafts. A rule at our clinic is that for the beyond a certain number of hair grafts the patient gets a discounted rate.

 4)   Additional costs

Other costs include helping staffs fees that include technicians, nurses, and anesthesiologists. Other than that, you may be paying for the operating room’s expenses, the expensive hair transplant equipment, medicines, fixed expenses such as electricity.

 Finally, the price is considered completely worth it as it provides you with an improved image, a boost in self-confidence and amazing results that please you for a lifetime.

If you want to know more about price of hair transplant in Dubai, simply contact Hair Transplant Dubai for all the information. They have professionals who have been dealing with hair problems for quite some time now. Fill out the free consultation form given below in order to meet up with your experts for their opinion and advice.

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