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A hair transplant is one of the most highly demanded, sought after and useful discoveries in cosmetic surgery and medical science. In its most basic of definitions a hair transplant involves taking hair from the patient’s donor region of the head and implanting it into the balding region of the head.

Although getting a hair transplant can be very tempting it is essential to get this surgery right the first time as to avoid any risks or complications. Both procedures especially the FUE is more complex and requires the hand of highly skilled surgeons. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers hair transplant with two methods the conventional Strip removal and the Follicular Unit extraction method.

Let us look at the top five reasons you should choose Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for a hair transplant

1)    Our team of Experts

We have a team of certified, qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeons from all over the world with expertise in performing hair transplants. This includes Dr. Juan Krogulec, Dr. Masroor Alam and Dr. Farhat Bokhari. We have perfected the skill of performing hair transplants with more than a decade’s experience.

2)    Our avante-garde facility & technology

For performing hair transplants, we use the most sophisticated technology such as the 0.09 mm punching instrument that causes minimal invasiveness and bleeding. Our facility is comfortable with the latest technology and comfortable seating for the patient.

3)    Record of Success stories

All of the hair transplants that we have performed have produced successful results this includes the FUE and the Strip removal method both. Before and after pictures of our clients can be seen to gauge the results that we have produced.

4)    After Care

Once a hair transplant has been performed, the patient is provided with premium after care. We keep in touch with the patient to see his level of progress. If he has any queries, he can consult us. We give our patients pain-relievers and sedation right after the surgery to make sure he is out of pain.

 5)    Personalized consultation session

We make sure to cater to our patient’s needs in a highly individualized and personalized manner as each patient’s needs vary. This includes the number of hair grafts they require, their schedules, and their eligibility for a certain procedure.

You can always contact us and get the first consultation for free to get to know about our team of experts personally. Simply fill out the free consultation form below so you can visit Hair Transplant Dubai for our experts’ advice.

FUE Method

Before & After

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