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Hair Restoration

Hair transplants are becoming extremely common these days in every nook and corner of the world. People are much more aware about how they can restore their hair and are opting to go for it. There are plenty of hair transplantation option even here in Dubai and many people from others parts of the Gulf come here for vacations and hair transplants at the same time. A common question is that who is a candidate for a hair transplant. There are a number of reasons why a person may suffer from hair loss. Let’s look into some of the main reasons and see who is a good candidate.

Hair Loss Due to Burns
Burns to the body can cause hair loss in people. Such hair loss is generally permanent and it is a good idea to get a hair transplant. A surgeon can better recommend the future course of action. Taking the first step of going to one is most important.

Male Pattern Baldness
Many people around the globe suffer from male pattern baldness. In women it causes thinning of hair while in men, the hairline starts receding at first before the hair loss becomes extensive. People who have undergone hair loss to a certain degree should be good candidates. People who are currently suffering from hair loss may also be good candidates but only a surgeon can make a final call in the matter. 

Amount of Hair Loss
The amount of hair loss is a crucial factor in determination of a person being a hair transplant candidate or otherwise. General the scale that is used is Norwood Scale. People with at least Class III hair loss are considered as good hair transplant candidates. If a change in hairstyle can cover the hair loss reasonably well, hair transplant can be delayed for the time being.  

Future Hair Loss Expectations
It is important to consider the likely hair loss in near future in order to determine whether you should get a hair transplant right away or after a while. A person who is suffering from a hair loss at a rapid pace may have to wait in order to ensure that the hair transplant does not look bad with further hair loss. People whose hair loss has slowed down or completely stopped are ideal candidates for a hair transplant. 

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