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Are Patients Really Satisfied with their Hair Transplant?


Of the many options that are available to people suffering from baldness, the best and most reliable is the hair transplant. It is the only solution whose results remain for good. Globally as well as here in UAE, hair transplants are gaining more and more popularity and their demand is going up all the time.

Many of these potential hair transplant candidates ask the question regarding the how satisfied the existing transplant patients really are with their transplants. Most people feel happy and satisfied with how their procedures resulted while some have opinions contrary to this. There is no absolute tool to ensure satisfaction but much depends on the results of the surgery and the factors mentioned below.

Realistic Expectations
The patients that come in with realistic expectations are more likely to be content. Someone scoring a seven on the Norwood Scale certainly cannot expect a full head of hair as a result of a single hair transplant procedure. It is important for the person going through with the hair transplant to understand what kind of results are likely. The surgeon should explain in detail and with no ambiguity about the likely outcome.

Amount of Grafts
The results depend on the number of grafts and the density that is being kept. If the number of grafts is low, the hair density will be light. This again should be explained to the patient to ensure that he or she knows what kind of outcome will be had. Mostly patients are fine even with light to medium density so long they look good.

Need for Future Surgeries
Patients often are not very happy when they learn that they will need more surgeries for complete hair restoration. With extensive hair loss, it is often not possible to get the desired results in a single session. Some are unhappy with the results just because of this reason. Most people understand this and have no issues.

Skill level of the Hair Transplant Surgeon
How well the transplant is planned and executed by the surgeon is an important aspect in getting the desired results from the transplant. It is also crucial that the surgeon communicates well and helps the clients feel at home throughout the process. Most people feel satisfied when they are treated well and feel that they have been communicated with in the right manner.

To learn more about matters associated with hair transplants, drop by Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic. Alternatively, for a free online consultation, simply fill in the form given below.

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